From Nearly Dead to IBS-D Thriver! One person’s first-hand account

Show Date: Feb 17, 2017

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About 20-odd years ago, our guest’s IBS-D was so painful and debilitating that she was in ‘pretty serious trouble’ and, in her words, her doctor’s advice “was not heplful…I just knew he had to be wrong!”

Luckily, a dietician saved her and she has for some time now been able to control her symptoms WITHOUT drugs and with food! She shares with us her first-hand account of living with a chronic illness and her insights and learning on how she can keep “my gut stable pretty much 95% of the time!”
Join your host Sharon Sayler for The Autoimmune Hour on Life Interrupted Radio for this first-hand account with IBS-D ‘thriver’ Sarah McAleer. Sarah is a busy lady, a ‘mum’ of two energetic and highly entertaining little girls; wife of a psych music reviewing ex-architect-blogger; and the founder and director of two demanding creative businesses! Available now!

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