Your ‘personality pattern’ and your health – is there a connection?

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In this episode of The Autoimmune Hour on Life Interrupted Radio your host, Sharon Sayler looks at health and healing from a different ‘perspective.’

What if your personality held secrets about how you approach health and healing? In this intriguing interview with Eileen Head, founder of Life Equations Consulting Ltd., we explore how to understand yourself at a deeper level through the Enneagram and uncovering your personality perspectives.

Eileen also shares “we too often justify our reactions and make the same excuses and mistakes over and over again and wonder why life is not turning out the way we had imagined it would.”

We will also uncover:
• People have patterns of behaviors that are predictable and recognizable.
• How to understand the Enneagram and your path to be your best self.
• Understand your stress patterns and what your tendency toward illness is based on your personality.

Could it be your personality pattern has something to do with it? Available now at

Can letting go of patterns that are keeping you stuck and becoming your Best Self you to heal?

About our Guest:

Eileen-Head-TN-HeadshotEileen Head is committed to assisting people to create connected and loving relationships, get loved the way you need, choosing your perfect mate through Singles Guide to Personality Matching, and how to understand and get along well with others. She guarantees using this world-renowned personality system will help you figure out what makes people tick to transform all your relationships

Eileen Head is a Personality & Relationship Expert, International Bestselling Author of Why Can’t I Figure Us Out?, Coach, Speaker, and Workshop facilitator. Through her coaching and workshops, she supports people to “figure themselves out” and become their Best Self. Then she empowers them with powerful tools such as the Enneagram (any-a-gram) Personalities to find their Relationship Answers.

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