Are You a Silent Saboteur? When Silence Hurts and When It Helps

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Silence is a tricky “little devil.” Silence can save a relationship or ruin it… It can save your life or complicate it…. Silence is a choice. The choice is when does it help and when does it hurt? (Especially when it’s around our health….)

If we refuse to communicate what we feel, what we need or want others to know, for a variety of reasons, including wondering if others will think we are “nuts,”we must look at the question; “Are we making a choice to sabotage our physical and mental health by remaining silent or speaking up?  Tricky indeed…!

That’s why Sharon Sayler, host of Life Interrupted Radio invited stress-relief and communications expert Christine Wright, MA from to share her insights on:

  • How to know when silence is hurting you and how to speak up
  • Ways to make it safe for yourself and others to say the truth
  • How holding feelings in your body can hurt your health
  • Know that “No” is a choice and how to set good boundaries
  • Easy ways to get over your fear of asking for what you need

About Our Guest:

Christine_Wright (TN)Christine Wright, M.A is an innately curious alternative thinker. She has a passion for coaching, teaching and sharing information on a wide variety of self-help issues. Her gentle approach helps you quickly increase your confidence, identify and remove your internal blocks, improve your performance and achieve your desired results.
Christine’s tips and techniques will help you live your life in integrity and create congruence in your thoughts, feelings, actions and results. She believes that by being true to your own values and beliefs, you’ll create an ideal authentic life.  Learn more about Christine at

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