The Art of Trusting Your Intuition and Your Self

When our guest Liberty Forrest shared “We tend to trust other people before we trust our self” I started thinking a similar response holds true when we have autoimmune, and what happens when we stop trusting our body? What would happen if we approached our body with apology and gratitude for it keeps on working regardless of what all might be going wrong? Join me for this inspirational and fascinating chat with Liberty Forrest, international-known Psychic and Medium on how she turned her constant “hate mail” to her body into “fan mail” by thanking her body for all the things it does well. In response, her body started to heal! Liberty will also share:

  • How to discover the ‘suffering?’
  • How to know your truth vs. your ‘guilt.’
  • Her fun RPM method to greater understanding of your intuition
  • How self-sabotage behaviors are keeping you stuck and what to do instead
  • Plus how to face your fear and ‘dare’ your self past it and more.

About our guest: International Psychic and Medium Liberty Forrest is an award-winning author, a columnist, and a Huffington Post contributor. Her abilities became evident in childhood and naturally evolved over the years until eventually, she began reading professionally. For five years, she appeared approximately monthly on BBC Radio doing “psychic phone-ins.” Liberty combines her professional experience with her natural abilities as a psychic and medium to assist her clients in “getting unstuck” and moving forward in life. Learn more about Liberty at and get your gift’ 50-Point Quiz Do You Think You Might Be Psychic?’ Available now at

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