Be, Do, Be, Do to Rock Your World with Every Thing You Desire

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Listen to this intriguing interview below to learn why
Doing Must Always Follow Being… 

Do, Be, Do, Be is not only old-fashioned rock lyrics, it’s an old-fashioned approach to having all that you want according to my special guest on this episode of Life Interrupted Radio.

Join me, Sharon Sayler, your host as I chat with Rev Wallis Pattisonn, Minister of Abundance, author, speaker and spiritual thought leader. We will share that even in a time of unparalleled challenges, both environmentally and social, you have the opportunity to fulfill your highest potential, including creating abundance and joy in your life.

Listen to this intriguing interview to learn why:

Do Must Always Follow Be…

— Be“ingness” –  do (comes from “be”-ing) and having comes as a result of…. the totally opposite of what we are taught.

— Looks around at what others are doing….   What do you really want to be so, Be Healing.

— Doing must always following the Being That.

— We are only mind body and spirit. The mind only knows what it knows and what it’s been taught – it’s limited.

— The soul knows all – this is where Being comes from synchoirisisty and grace.

Show Notes:

2:40   Create our own conscious evolution.

3:38:  Our grandest expression is living our grandest dream

4:05    Rattle the cage with what I say….

4:43   We are here to experience who we are

5:41    We are creators in our own right

5:56    We have all the say in the matter

6:11    Life ins’t about discovery or discovering something

7:10   When the souls says create your life, choose to BE something.

8:15   Saying I want to discover my passion sends a clear message to the universe that you don’t already have it.

8:53   The only things that we have are thoughts, words and action

9:25   When we “want” the universe gives you more wanting

13:05  How do we “BE”

14:28  How to Be and then Do

17:17  The universe makes no mistakes

21:30 Know and be grateful that universe is at work in our lives

21:50 When life changes, change everything….

23:30 Simply go “next….”

25:00  How can we change the outcome?

25:40  We decide, not want, not need that we will be… abundant….

27:00 What we focus on multiplies, what we take our eyes off of disappears

28:05 As you see the world you outcome is the idea of it.

29:30 Be Do and Have the universe provides form, action – doingness – is provided for you choose to be – so just Choose

30:20 Allow synchronicity and grace to come

31:00 Life is not about us. It has nothing to do with us It has everything to do with the people whose lives we touch and the way in which we touch them.

35:30 Closing Guided Meditation on Abundance and BE-ing.

wallis-TNRev Wallis Pattisonn, Minister of Abundance, Author, Speaker and Spiritual Thought Leader

Rev Wallis Pattisonn is not an idealist, but she does believe we do have the tools to implement positive, peaceful, social and world change, by creating our own conscious evolution. Her belief is founded on more than four decades of learning and enquiry. “ To be the Grandest expression of our Greatest Dream” Learn more about Rev Wallis Pattisonn at

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