What if your life was interrupted by who you were meant to be? Living your gifts.

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This episode of The Autoimmune Hour is about living your gifts.  Join Sharon Sayler, your host when she chats with a personal guide of hers, Bev Martin. Bev grew up in Southern Africa, experiencing first-hand the contrasts of the first and third worlds, side by side AND trying to fit in somewhere….

As a young girl, Bev realized she could talk with family members who had passed onto the next life and felt deeply the emotions of those around her. She didn’t know it was “odd” until people around her had no answers except to say “this is one weird kid!” As she grew up, she tried hard to fit-in until one day, a revered African healer and wisdom keeper named her, in Zulu, “Eldest Daughter of Light.” Several experiences led Bev to set out to trust something greater and overcome fear to live her true calling.

Bev-Martin-TNToday, Bev’s deepest joy is to give people who are hungry for greater meaning and spiritual solutions, access to the answers within themselves — and the feeling of deep satisfaction that comes from connecting with their thoughts, wisdom and true ideas and we welcome her to Understanding Autoimmune to discover how we too can live our gifts.

Learn more about Bev at www.BevMartin.com



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