Create Work-Life Balance on Your Own Terms and a Celebration

Join host Sharon Sayler as she welcomes Wayne Kelly to The Autoimmune Hour. Together they celebrate the 150th episode of The Autoimmune Hour on Life Interrupted Radio and Wayne shares how as he says, ‘quit his way to success’ in 2017 by finding work-life balance. Wayne says 2017 was his year because he learned to “walk away from stress and has created the perfect life-work balance.” In this fun chat Sharon and Wayne share:

  • Wayne’s ‘never-have-a-meeting’ policy,
  • Ways to stop comparing yourself and silence the ‘shoulds,’
  • Simple ways to say “No” that work,
  • How they’ve learned to follow their heart and trust their intuition,
  • ‘Salad isn’t such a bad thing’ … plus so much more….

Wayne is one of the hosts of the Wayne and Jayne Radio show on EZ Rock Radio in BC Canada, where he’s interviewed everyone from celebrities to authors, to ufo experts and even a singing psychic. When he’s not on the radio – he coaches people on how to be great radio interviews. (Wayne also says that Sharon is one of his most favorite people ever and really values her friendship and support!!!  Learn more about Wayne at and listen to this laugh and fun-filled time available now.

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