Design Your Business or Career to Fit Your Lifestyle

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I thought about calling this show “How To Stay Spontaneous While Having a Plan” because my guest took a leap, crafted a plan and started an “oasis-based” business through the power of networking and creatively following opportunities. She will share with us:
  • How to bring a curious creative mindset to opportunities
  • How to get very clear on your vision
  • How to create a sustainable lifestyle as an entrepreneur
  • Design your business or career to fit your lifestyle
More about Tina Dietz:
TINA-Dietz-TNLife Interruption Radio’s guest this episode is Tina Dietz. She is the founder of the Start Something movement, which is out to fulfill the mission of igniting 10,000 thriving businesses. She’s an internationally acclaimed business coach, bestselling author and speaker, host of The StartSomething Show, and a 4th generation entrepreneur and a therapist well familiar with the challenges of raising a family and juggling multiple priorities while growing a business. Tina and her family live internationally and they are currently based in Costa Rica, Florida, and New York.
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