Eating healthy and still have a gut ‘out-of-whack?’

Sharon Sayler from The Autoimmune Hour welcomes Kelsey Ale, certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner who began her career in the health and wellness industry over a decade ago. With her in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology, she approaches her nutrition practice from a whole-body perspective.

On today’s episode we explore:

  • What is emotional eating and emergency “follow the jingle” eating
  • Understanding your own bio-individuality and food sensitivities
  • Why it’s necessary to always look at digestion first when it comes to autoimmune
  • What are anti-nutrients and could they be keeping us from thriving?
  • Juicing, raw or cook – which way is better?

Plus so much more….

Kelsey Ale creates individualized nutrition, supplement, and wellness plans that address each client’s needs. This focus on “bio-individuality” allows her to meet each person where they are and create a completely customized plan to ensure their health goals are achieved. She believes that proper nutrition is one of the most fundamental tools we can use to create a healthy, happy life. Grab a copy of her free ebook, “5 to Thrive: The 5 Keys For Creating Vibrant Health & Healing Your Body” and learn more about Kelsey at

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