Finding the gifts in adversity

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“Oh, I want to do that… I have no idea what it is… I want to do that…. it kept reasonating with me… I don’t know what it is I just know there is something — more….”  ~ Cara Lumen

Finding the gifts in the face of adversity.

Yup, life happens sometimes in ways we would rather not… how do you move through it, how do you stay relevant, how do you move on?

Tonight’s guests on Life Interrupted Radio are Denny Stockdale and Cara Lumen. Denny, a positive change strategist, motivational speaker, and award winning inspirational author is widely known hailed as the CEO – Chief Encouragement Officer whose work is based on compassionate conversations.

Cara Lumen, is a seeker, explorer, guide and founder of the Deeper Song Community who shares on the topics of self-awareness and on finding your gifts and purpose. She is the founder of The Deeper Song Community to help you “sing a deeper song.” She is an enthusiastic explorer of ideas and as I like to say the coolest 82 year old in the world.

Come explore with us how to move through those darker places to find your gifts.

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