Food Sensitivities, Inflammation, and the Autoimmune Connection

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A delightful chat with Dr. Elizabeth Yarnell about her mission and methods to improve lives simply by changing the way we think about food and anti-inflammatory diets. As a board-certified naturopath and designer of customized anti-inflammatory diets, Dr. Yarnell runs a nationwide food therapy clinic to help people discover the specific foods that not only taste good but make them feel good, too.

A 1999 diagnosis of multiple sclerosis forced Dr. Yarnell to re-think everything she thought she knew about health and inspired the now-patented invention of a quick and easy method for cooking whole foods that she introduced in her 2009 best-selling cookbook: “Glorious One-Pot Meals: A Revolutionary New Quick and Healthy Approach to Dutch Oven Cooking.”

In 2011, she launched the “Fight MS with Food” project to investigate the connection between diet and autoimmune symptoms. In this episode Dr. Yarnell shares some of what she discovered, for example:

  • Causes of inflammation and how to minimize it
  • What are food sensitivities and how you can become allergic to food
  • The gold-standard test for finding food allergies
  • The connection between diet and autoimmune symptoms
  • Other things that can cause inflammation besides food
  • What is ‘Dutch Oven Cooking, plus so much more….

I only wished we’d had more than an hour, as you will hear how passionate Dr. Yarnell is on her quest to improve lives simply by changing the way we think about food. Learn more about Dr. Elizabeth Yarnell and take time to explore her healthy eating and natural lifestyle blog, “Effortless Eating for Healthier Bodies” at

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Having been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis inspired Elizabeth Yarnell to write her bestselling cookbook, Glorious One-Pot Meals: A Revolutionary New Quick and Healthy Approach to Dutch Oven Cooking. It’s a unique approach to cooking that allows you to cook quickly and easily.

0:02:34.0 Elizabeth shares that her approach as to what people can eat and cannot eat is individualized; it’s unique for each person as to what causes inflammation.

0:08:24.1 In her practice, they use the gold standard of food sensitivity testing called the “Mediator Release Test” and she gives details how through that testing, she can customize the anti-inflammatory diet for each patient.

0:13:31.0 At this point, they discuss what’s known as the “leaky gut” since if there’s inflammation in the body, there’s inflammation in the digestive tract.

0:21:13.4 Now, all of a sudden, fats are okay. So they discuss what fats are bad for you and what fats are needed for good health.

0:27:02.1 Elizabeth shares some tips on how a family can deal with having another member who is on a restrictive diet and how to deal with the problem of travelling when one is on a restrictive diet.

0:30:27.2 They talk about how frozen foods can, sometimes, be more nutritious and the Dutch oven as a must-have in every household.

She talks about her natural lifestyle blog called “Effortless Eating for Healthier Bodies and her TED Talk, “We Are What We Eat:  Poisons in our Everyday Food,” more about her book, the Glorious One-Pot Meals, and how you can get a hold of her.

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