Helping Our Boys Navigate Emotions and Trauma with Expert Janet Allison

Wow, this fact blew me away; “Anger is, by age 9, the default emotion for most boys,” according to Parenting Expert Janet Allison! Add that to on-going research that continues to find mind-body connections between childhood stress and trauma and inflammatory responses, including those associated with autoimmune conditions.

What if we could alleviate childhood stress and trauma before those damaging inflammatory responses? Tonight we welcome Janet Allison author, educator, speaker, and Family Coach. She has been advocating for boys for over 20 years! Combining her expertise in education, communication skills, and the social and biological differences between males and females, she helps parents and teachers understand their boys so that they can thrive at home and school. On this episode, Janet shares:

  • How boys process emotions differently than girls,
  • How subtle trauma adds up including subtle messages we send like ‘boys don’t cry,’ ‘it’s not okay to be angry,’ and ‘it’s not okay to be embarrassed,’ etc.,
  • Help we can help our boys understand emotions in others and themselves,
  • How to use metaphor, imagery and physical activity to create emotional intelligence in our kids plus so much more….

Find out more about Janet and Boys Alive at, on Facebook at, and on her popular new podcast, ‘ON BOYS: Real Talk About Parenting, Teaching, and Reaching Tomorrow’s Men,’ at And get Janet’s complimentary gift of a 75-minute Learning Lab mp3 and ebook “The Boy Code and Anger” at

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