How To Let Go of Relationships That No Longer Work

Listen to "How to let go of relationships that no longer work" on Spreaker.

Learn to let go with grace and ease….. Often our thoughts turn to relationships around the holiday season…. and some of those relationships and thoughts can be harmful to our well-being especially if we have a chronic illness.

In this encore presentation, Stephen Scoggins from and Jordin Corlett from shares with us ways to honor our self and the other person AND leave the relationship.

Together we’ll discover how toxic relationships often hide behind the mask of love and how to release toxic relationships so that you can unleash the power of forgiveness for your self and others.

They will share their insights on toxic relationships and firm, fair boundary setting and:
• The warning signs of a toxic relationship.
• How to recover from unworthiness and your inner wounds.
• How to unlock and release bitterness and resentment.
• Unleash the power of forgiveness for your self and others.


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