How to Release Toxic Relationships….

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Some People Call It Love: How to Release Yourself from  Toxic Relationships….

Life Interrupted Radio welcomes Stephen Scoggins from and Jordin Corlett from

Sad, some people call it love…. Together we’ll discover how toxic relationships often hide behind the mask of love and how to release toxic relationships so that you can unleash the power of forgiveness for your self and others.

They will give their insights on toxic relationships and firm, fair boundary setting.

They will share:

  • The warning signs of a toxic relationship.
  • How to recover from unworthiness and your inner wounds.
  • How to unlock bitterness and resentment.
  • Unleash the power of forgiveness for your self and others.

Show Notes: Stephen Scoggins 

Sharon Sayler, renowned author and host of Life Interrupted Radio, chats today with Stephen Scoggins, author of The Journey Principles. Ten Simple Principles for a Life Journey that Matters.

Stephen talks all about toxic relationships, the damage they can do, how he learned to recognize and avoid them, and how you can too.

08:36   A simple truth, toxic feeds on toxic. Is your attitude encouraging the wrong type of person into your life?

09:19   Just because. Heard that one before? Just because you or anyone else grew up thinking one way doesn’t mean things can’t be changed!.

21:37   Learning where all this toxic stuff could have come from. And then learning to release it!

26:00   Journaling can actually help change your attitude! Find out how.

29:14   Stephen explains the importance of being with the positives, not the negatives.

34:27   Realizing it’s okay to say no to the things/people that could be holding you back from your goal to release the negatives in your life

Show Notes: Jordan Corlett 

Sharon Sayler, well known author and host of Life Interrupted Radio, talks today to

Jordan Corlett from “Boundary of Life” share how easy it is to fall into the tricky road that can keep you trapped and embroiled in a toxic relationship.

Learn how she overcame it and came out the other side even stronger than before, and pick up some important tips of your own.

46:00      Three very important points to look out for when picking your partner!

49:00      Maintaining your personal safety; relevant pointers.

52:00   Trying to change the unchangeable. Jordan explains what happened when she thought she could.





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