Is it menopause or autoimmune?

Maybe you’ve heard that dreaded “Well, women your age… (fill in the symptom…)” or “Don’t worry about it – it’s just menopause….” And yet, somewhere, deep inside you are still fretting that something isn’t quite right!

Or maybe you are tired of not having a healthcare professional really listen to what’s going and you are tired of being dismissed…. Then listen in to this week’s guest on The Autoimmune Hour when we hear from Pat Duckworth. Pat is the Award-winning Author of ‘Hot Women, Cool Solutions; How to control menopause symptoms using mind/body techniques.’ She is a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and she specializes in helping women who are experiencing menopause symptoms.  She will be sharing with us some ways to tell if it’s menopause or autoimmune, plus:

• Some common menopause symptoms and what to do about them
• How breathing and language can change the intensity of the symptom
• How to get a better night’s sleep
• Easy to use techniques to relieve common symptoms such as fretfulness, anxiety and mood swings.
And so much more….

Pat Duckworth is an international speaker sought-after by women’s groups. She has designed and delivered training and workshops on a wide range of well-being subjects. Most recently she has been running workshops for managers and staff in organizations to increase their understanding of the issues facing women in the workplace.

Pat is a regular guest on the radio in the UK and has had articles published in national newspapers and magazines including the Daily Mail and Natural Health. You can learn more about Pat at and share using this link:

Full Interview

The show opens with Pat and Sharon talking how they both love the long lovely summer evenings and how they feel so much energetic during the longer hours of light. Pat goes on to say that at the other end are the longer darker periods of the winter when mood dipping happens.

She gives an awesome tip for it:  “Be prepared for what you know is coming.”

A cognitive therapist, Pat is the author of Hot Women, Cool Solutions: How to Control Menopause Symptoms Using Mind/Body Techniques.

0:04:28.5  Pat shares some tips for getting a goodnight sleep since disrupted sleep is widely experienced during menopause. She says that sleep is so essential in all aspects of our health and that good sleep hygiene practices are important which include breathing techniques, a conducive bedroom environment for sleep, and even eating the right foods.

0:26:02.3  At this point, they discuss what tends to cross over between menopause and autoimmune or other conditions:  “Is it menopause or is it autoimmune or something else?”

0:35:22.7  Pat shares that part of her mission in life is to give women hope and support as they’re going through this stage of life which, she says, can be a good and fun stage in life.

They talk about her books and programs. She has with 12 free videos that she offers for free and her book Hot Women, Cool Solutions.

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