Life Interruption Ripples: What to do when your life is interrupted by someone else’s interruption

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In this episode of Life Interrupted Radio, we explore with Judith Sugg, Ph.D. how to deal with life interruptions that are out-of-our-control due to what I call “Life Interruption Ripples.”

Judith will share with us actionable techniques to deal with the true-life issues and far-reaching effects that the Dalai Lama addresses in his quote: “Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects.”

Judith will show us how to:
• Reframe and reverse obstructing thoughts and emotions,
• Refocus your energy and behaviors,
• Re-commit to what is important and compelling in your life.

You will hear her compelling personal story of love and a Life Interruption Ripple when her husband had to fulfill his commitment to his aging parents and from her book and program “Families Recovering Together Against All Odds” designed to assist family members of problem gamblers.

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Judy-Sugg-photo-TNAbout Judith Sugg, Ph.D. She is an author, trainer, and mentor who helps people and organizations clarify their vision, improve their interactions, manage conflict, and thrive in their surroundings.  Judy navigates the worlds of business and psychology with an MBA and a doctorate in psychology. Since the 1980s, her passion for mindfulness practices have influenced and infused her work.

In corporate life, she has led strategic planning, corporate development, and acquisition analysis. As a licensed therapist, she worked with groups, families, and individuals, including those in crisis and conflict. Judy has taught yoga, meditation, and yoga teacher trainings for over 20 years. She serves on both profit and non-profit boards.  Her personal passions include family, her dogs, and travel.


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