Make A Non-Toxic Home with expert Sharon McRill

While we work hard to restore our health, many things in our home environment can be working against our immune system. Many store-bought cleaning products, personal care, and cosmetics contain listed and even unlisted ingredients that can be highly toxic.

In this episode of The Autoimmune Hour, host Sharon Sayler welcomes Sharon McRill, founder, and president of The Betty Brigade, an Ann Arbor-based organization, and relocation company that is a leader in recycling while downsizing and cleaning with nontoxic alternatives.

Two weeks after turning 50, Sharon McRill was diagnosed with pulmonary embolisms in both lungs. She was put in an ICU and placed on blood thinners for 3 months after that. This was her wake up call that we are not always making great decisions for ourselves and doctors don’t have all the answers.  She began exploring healthy alternatives to seasonal stuffiness, lack of sleep, mood swings and even simple remedies for headaches.  Now Sharon has detoxed her home and has made huge switches in her own decisions in what goes on her skin and in her body.

She will share us how to keep toxins out of our home and how to make non-toxic cleaners and personal care products that work just as well and often even better including the two things you need to STOP using right now! I was surprised, and I know you will be too…

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