What’s Money Got To Do With It? Healing, Money and You

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In this fascinating episode with money and work-life balance expert Leslie Juvin-Acker, the author of ‘The Money Formula: Change Your Relationship To Money In 7 Steps & 15 Minutes Or Less,’ explores the topic of money and healing.

The host of The Autoimmune Hour, Sharon Sayler firmly believes that how we do one thing is how we do everything… and by understanding your deeply rooted emotional connections to money and financial-security you may uncover secrets to improve your health too.

Leslie will share how to break your unhelpful emotional connections and limiting beliefs so that you can make healthy, empowering choices. Plus, let’s be honest, it’s not cheap to heal! We could all use a little help in understanding our beliefs about money… and how to:

• Develop creative decision-making skills

• Reverse thought patterns that do not serve you

• Separate problems from emotions

• Move past worst-case thoughts and more

More About Our Guest: Leslie Juvin-Acker helps others navigate the emotional and mental challenges of money decisions and limiting beliefs to create work-life balance. She shows her clients how to tap into their imagination and intuition so that they will feel happier, fulfilled, and more confident. Learn more about Leslie and her work at https://www.leslieinc.org/ and be sure and check out Leslie’s free masterclass on eliminating 5 Limiting Financial Beliefs! (http://www.behappylosangeles.com/)

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This episode is about the emotional and money part of getting sick and the healing journey with emotional intelligence expert as well as money expert Leslie Juvin-Acker citing principles in her book called “The Money Formula: Change Your Relationship With Money In Seven-Steps and Fifteen Minutes or Less.”

0:04:40.9 Sharon asks Leslie what she finds common when people talk about money and Leslie replies by saying that, oftentimes, when faced with challenging situations, people tend to go to a very negative and fearful place.

They begin to discuss at length how to transform that thinking and bring people back to a state of power to feel good about their health journey from a financial point of view.

0:24:20.5 Imagination being one of the Money Formula principles to respond to a financial situation, Sharon asks Leslie to share some tips as to how to use the imagination to look at your financial situation from a different point of view.

0:36:15.0 They also talked about how to create work-life balance. And with just ten minutes or so left, before the information on Leslie’s website and the like, she shares some final thoughts on happiness.





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