You Are Not Broken: How to ‘Be You’ with Grace and Ease

Interview Part 1

Interview Part 2

Regardless of what’s going on in your life right now, you are perfect. You are not broken, is what our guest Kerri Hummingbird wants you to know, more than anything. In this captivating interview, Sharon Sayler, host of The Autoimmune Hour welcomes Kerri Hummingbird, award-winning author, soul guide, host of Soul Nectar Show, and intuitive subconscious explorer. Kerri shares how to hold your higher vision and say “I am not that” when others try to bring you down… plus the answers to these fascinating questions:

  • How is ‘language’ trapping you in distress and ill-health?
  • How can I switch out disempowering thoughts?
  • Why is it important to shift your energy and vibrations?
  • What is the upside-down world?

As the founder of the ‘Skills Not Pills Movement’ Kerri Hummingbird invites you to dive into a spiritual journey of awakening. She is known for helping people who are starving for meaning in their lives step into their power and voice.  Learn more about Kerri and claim your free ebook, ‘Reinvent Yourself’ at 


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