Overthinking? When is an itch, just an itch, and other scary thoughts…

Does every twitch cause a fear response and anxiety? Does your mind start racing “Is it an autoimmune flare again?” In this lively, free-range conversation with 4-time thriver and nutrition expert Sharissa Bradley, we explore what it’s like to be a long-term thriver, looking at the trials and the successes plus

• The problem with perspective.
• How to learn the responses of your body and distinguish between them.
• Her journey through four autoimmune diseases, starting in her teens.
• How food affects our healing and much more….

About our guest: Sharissa Bradley is  a mother, a teacher and a 4-time autoimmune ‘thriver.’ Founder of Independence Through Nutrition, Sharissa helps people reverse autoimmune disease, using food as medicine. Sharissa is the author of ‘Journey Back to Health: Six Steps to Confidently Getting Your Life Back,’  due out from Kat Biggie Press in December 2018. She is passionate about helping change lives through nutrition. Learn more about Sharissa at https://sharissabradley.com/

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This episode’s guest, Sharissa Bradley has a company called “Independence through Nutrition” where she helps in the reversal of autoimmune disease. She has a strong belief in food as medicine.

She begins by sharing her own healing journey having had the diagnoses of four autoimmune diseases ─ not all at once ─ which started when she was eighteen.

0:11:45.9 At this point, she shares her nutrition path, how she came up with the idea to switch her diet which eventually led her to a spiritual path that looked at the effect of mindset and past traumas in the healing process.

0:27:26.8 Here, they shared their own experiences with the anxiety and the fear response versus the actual food response or “When is an itch just an itch?”

0:31:14.2 Sharissa wants to educate people on understanding nutrition better. She wants to empower people with knowledge and confidence as opposed to walking out of her office with just a list of things to do without having an idea why.

0:44:07.1 Here they discuss ways to bring the microbiome back into balance. Sugar is definitely feeding the wrong kind of bacteria in the gut, she says. She also recommends probiotic and prebiotics.






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