Let your limitations be your liberation ~ from expert in nonverbal communication

Let your limitations be your liberation: How one man took his ADD, dyslexia and a 4th grade reading level to world-renowned expert in nonverbal communication

In this episode Michael Grinder gives us a crash course in how to communicate… he will share important body language and nonverbal skills that develop your power of influence regardless of your background.

Michael Grinder will be the first to admit he wasn’t an easy child… yet during those difficult childhood days with learning disabilities, he developed a multitude of “coping-skills” including a profound and deep understanding of nonverbal communication and how to predict with astonishing accuracy what people will do next.

For this episode Michael’s insights will teach you about others and your self at a deeper level. So fasten your seat belts and prepare to be amazed.

How To Be Resilient When Times Are Rough

On Monday June 29th I had the honor to be on The Focus Radio Show on the Premier Blog Talk Radio Radio Network hosted by the fabulous duo Alyssa Granlund and Liz Uram.

We talked about resilience and how to bounce back when times are rough, tough, and just down right crummy.

Fun and Done: What to do when your “to-do” is too long…

Here we are half-way throughout the year… how is that resolution list of yours going? In this podcast, Sharon Sayler, host of Life Interrupted Radio and Certified Coach Laurie Lawson as they answer the questions:

— How do you get your goals done?
— How do you maintain focus?
— Is this your goal or someone else’s goal?
— Tips to saying “no” with ease and separating the story from the emotion
— Even, how to answer the question of “What do I want?”

Laurie will share with us ways to make your goals fun and done!

Finding the gifts in adversity

“Oh, I want to do that… I have no idea what it is… I want to do that…. it kept reasonating with me… I don’t know what it is I just know there is something — more….”  ~ Cara Lumen Finding the gifts in the face of adversity. Yup, life happens sometimes in ways we […]

I want it all, but who has the time?

As women we can do a lot. Yet, all too often, we think we can do it all, need to be needed, do too much for others, give, give and give some more to make our self always come last….  Let me tell you from experience, that doesn’t work in the long haul…. Janet Allison […]

You Are Not Your Story: Never let your secret stop you

You can change your story…. This week’s episode of Life Interrupted Radio is about secrets, misplaced shame and coming through it all to live your gifts and bring light into the world. When I first met our guest she had me laughing with the quote; “it takes a lot of energy to be miserable…” it […]