The Red Flags of Autoimmune and Other Autoimmune A-HA Moments

Listen to "The Red Flags of Autoimmune and Other Autoimmune A-HA Moments" on Spreaker.

Join your host, Sharon Sayler as she welcomes Dr. Vikki Petersen, founder of the renowned Root Cause Medical Clinic in Sunnyvale, California ( Dr. Vikki will share the early warning signs of autoimmune and other fascinating things you probably don’t know about autoimmune such as:

  • Why the gut is called your ‘second brain,’
  • How sex hormones play into your autoimmune condition,
  • What happens to your body with food sensitivities including gluten intolerance,
  • Discover the red flags of autoimmune and why you should know about zonulin,

Plus much more….

Dr. Vikki Petersen is a Doctor of Chiropractic, Certified Clinical Nutritionist and Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner. I know you will be as amazed as I am with Dr. Vikki and her expertise into the root causes of autoimmune and what to do instead. Her easy to understand metaphors help us understand exactly how autoimmune happens and what to do to control and even reverse an autoimmune condition. This episode is available now at

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