Is Ruminating the Past or Fretting the Future Keeping You From Healing?

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Many practitioners now understand that a complete healing process requires we examine our current habits, actions, and beliefs and ask our self; “In what ways, am I keeping my self from fully healing?”

In this captivating interview, Pamela Sylvan, the Mojo Maker, suggests that radical gratitude and present moment truths are two ways to ‘let go’ of things that keep your body from healing. She also shares with us from her long career helping others ‘spiral up’ their personal power (mojo), amplify their presence, and make an impact on the world as a change-maker:

  • How to connect to the safety of the present moment;
  • Steps to stop tripping into fear, ruminating the past or fretting the future;
  • Simple tips to integrate healing with Radical Gratitude and Present Moment Truths.

Plus, easy actions to embrace “full-throttle-living” regardless of your current state.

Learn more about Pamela Sylvan at Then join Sharon Sayler, your host for The Autoimmune Hour on Life Interrupted Radio to discover the healing power of ‘letting go.’

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