Straight Facts about Supplements

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Our special guest, Dr. Tod Cooperman, a noted researcher and commentator on consumer healthcare issues and President of, brings us the straight facts on some popular supplements such as Vitamin D, Calcium, Magnesium, Fish Oils, Folate, Melatonin and more. In this episode, Dr. Cooperman shares details I have never heard before like:

  • Why knowing a fat soluble vitamin from a water soluble vitamin is so important,
  • How one out of 4 supplements you buy may not meet minimum standards,
  • The shocking details about the RDA for folic acid and prenatal vitamins,
  • What you need to know about those mega-dose supplements,
    And that they squeeze fish to get fish oil… and so much more!

Dr. Cooperman provides us with a deeper understanding of how supplements are produced, tested and some of the assumptions, misconceptions, and realities of supplements. I know you too will come away like I did, saying “WOW…. why didn’t I know that…”. Learn more about Dr. Tod Cooperman at and listen to our amazing interview above.

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