Sudden Catastrophic Memory Loss: One Man’s Amazing Story of Recovery

Imagine in the blink of an eye, you can’t remember anything, even the simplest of questions you struggle to answer. That’s what happened to our guest, Neil Thrussell, 4X International Best Selling Author and Master of the Shin Dao…. POOF! He had no memories, none… all gone….

Regardless, Neil maintained his love of life. And that, in part, is what he credits with his recovery from mercury toxicity and it wasn’t the mercury that caused the memory loss, it is something even more shocking! Join your host, Sharon Sayler when Neil shares how he recovered his memory and:

• What ‘having no past’ taught him about life,
• Why proper hydration helps with memory.
• How mindfulness and meditation help him even today,
• The one surprise silver-lining he discovered with memory loss
Plus so much more…

Neil Thrussell is an author, Master of the Shin Dao, speaker, facilitator, Life Coach, and Lover of Life. Learn more about Neil at and listen in to enjoy Neil’s humor and his effervescent lust for life as he shares his inspiring story. Share this podcast with this link: https://Understanding


Full Interview

Neil Thrussel whom Sharon introduced as a master of the Shin Dao,  speaker, facilitator, life coach “web geek,” adventurer, husband, uncle, and lover of life begins to share his experience with sudden catastrophic memory loss brought about by having high mercury levels due to amalgam fillings.

0:10:51.4 It took two and a half years before his memory was restored. Now, Sharon asks Neil about some specific exercises he did during the process of healing to help the brain recover. Neil talks about the importance of keeping the brain hydrated ─ water, water, water ─ and engaging in any kind of cognitive exercises like puzzles or making a list.

0:16:14.5 Being a person who, according to Sharon, sees a silver lining in everything, Neil shares the blessing in having no memory, no past, and no past references with people. He says that it forced him to focus on the present moment and it gave him the opportunity to become a better listener and coach.

0:20:02.3 With his memory back, now, Neil shares some tips on how to stay in the present moment and to just intentionally listen with the person in front of you. He says that it has become more of a discipline. He goes to say that life is meant to be enjoyed and it’s all about connecting with people.

He goes on to share tips for people who are going through rough times: “Know that you’re not alone. Bring in the breath. Bring in meditation. Do research. Find the experts’ opinions. It doesn’t matter what the diagnosis is, bring fun into life.”

0:33:14.0 At his point, Neil talks about how we can begin to practise meditation and mindfulness ─ and there are a lot of ways to do so. Even slowing down our eating and savoring what we’re putting in our mouths is one form.

With the remaining time left, Neil talks about his A Warrior’s Heart series, about Shin Dao ─ living the way of the heart ─ and how people can get a hold of him.


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