Does how you talk about your health affect your health?

Listen to "Can Answering 3 Questions Change Your Health?" on Spreaker.

Our guest, Bev Martin, an expert in NLP, Clean Language, Family Constellation Work and Professional Coach shares with us how our language choices make a big difference in how we and others respond to our health experience.

Bev shares her wisdom on:

  • Our body’s healing intuition,
  • How you talk about your health to change your outcome,
  • How to ask for help and support,
  • The power of personal metaphor,
  • The insights you can gain from Family Constellation Work
  • How Clean Language will help release old beliefs that could be keeping you stuck,
  • Plus so much more….

Join your host, Sharon Sayler and Bev Martin as she shares how to talk about your health for better outcomes. Her work is always insightful and not to be missed… Available now!

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