‘I Did It My Way’ ~ Two Women Share How They Healed Themselves From Life-Threatening Disease

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Sharon Sayler, your host for The Autoimmune Hour, welcomes the songstress Sheena Grobb and author Annie Pool, who proudly proclaim my favorite title ‘Thrivers”, not just survivors. We will hear how they uniquely created their personal success stories as we explore self-care, self-love, and self-forgiveness.

Sheena Grobb, a songbird from the age of two, songwriter at ten, the acclaimed singer/songwriter, and health coach Sheena Grobb shares how she learned to strengthen and support her complete self.

After being told “You have MS” at age 16, she developed her own system to regain her health by alleviating her hidden stressors. Sheena shares how she discovered ways to move through the complex language of emotions and a simple technique to uncover and remove ‘stuck emotions.’

Next, Annie Pool, author of the book, “Passport to Life: How I Overcame Incurable Cancer Through the Power of Travel,” shares how she turned an insurmountable obstacle into an opportunity by changing her incurable cancer diagnosis into a passport for life.

Today, Annie is completely cancer-free and shares with us how to create happiness and peace of mind regardless of what else is happening. Plus simple ways to quickly change your mood and start living your best life now.

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