When Something Is Just Not Right…. Could It Be Adrenal Fatigue? 

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Are you plagued with unexplained symptoms, like exhaustion, caffeine dependency, low libido, sleep issues, digestion upsets, unexplained weight gain (especially stubborn belly fat), mid-day fatigue, tiredness in the afternoon, depression, anxiety, changes in mood….

If some of the above rings true for you, as they did for host Sharon Sayler, listen in to this episode of Life Interrupted Radio’s Autoimmune Series as we explore with Integrative Holistic Nutritionist Elissa Goodman adrenal fatigue and why it’s so often overlooked .

On this LifeInterrupted Radio episode Elissa will share with us:

  • Easy ways to have a “happy” gut and what that is crucial
  • How to restore your “taxed” adrenal glands
  • Why our adrenals are always on the front line / firing line and what to do instead
  • Healthy ways to rev up our metabolism without draining our adrenals

Elissa has devoted her life to helping people from every walk of life to heal. She believes, no matter your story, you too can cleanse your body and, through nutrition and stress reduction, lead a happier and healthier life. Learn more about Elissa and get her free recipes and great tips at elissagoodman.com/ 

To hear her truly inspirational journey to wellness and tap into her wisdom to regain health and live a happy, healthy, balanced life listen at www.understandingautoimmune.com/Elissa 



About our Guest

ElissaGoodmanTNElissa was living in New York, living a fast paced lifestyle, working overtime, barely sleeping…all the things that you do when you want to be a successful businesswoman…then during a massage, her therapist pointed out a lump and encouraged her to get it checked out. At the age of 32, she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  

Doctors recommended chemotherapy and radiation, but after a few treatments she felt like the “solution” was worse than the problem.  Elissa realized, in addition to medical treatment, her body needed nourishment and love.  She left her job, began managing stress and doing yoga, she began juicing and eating a more plant-based diet and she shortened her radiation regimen and pursued an alternative path. This approach worked for her and was cancer free and went on to have her two daughters.  

Then, cancer came into her life again.  This time her husband Marc was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  Marc’s doctors convinced him to begin immediate chemotherapy and radiation. He spent time in and out of hospitals as his immune system weakened.  After an 18-month battle, it wasn’t cancer that took his life – it was infection. The treatment that was supposed to cure him contributed to his untimely death at 45.

Now raising two young girl’s on her own, Elissa followed her passion and went back to school to become an Integrative Holistic Nutritionist.  Now she works with people from every walk of life to help them heal.  She believes, no matter your story, you too can cleanse your body and, through nutrition, lead a happier and healthier life.  

Guest Offer: If you sign up at www.elissagoodman.com, you will receive a week of cleansing recipes, taken from her highly popular L.A. Soup Cleanse and you will also receive her 10 Cancer Free Life Hacks.

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