When your life is turned upside down by unexplained pain

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At 13, Georgia Huston was hit with mysterious, unrelenting pain that no doctor could explain.  For a year, life crashed around her from medical misdiagnoses, until she was finally prescribed a series of alternative therapies.

Now at 22, Georgia has slowly regained her health, and her experience put her in touch with other kids who suffered with the same chronic pain. She became determined to help them.

She created the Teen Pain Help Foundation, does public speaking, and has written two books about pain, spreading the word that there is no pill or surgery that helps, but there is a path back to health.

In this special interview, Georgia will share her experience and expertise on::

• How uncommon therapies can relieve pain and ways to discover the ones that will work for you

• How to help friends and family understand

• How mentoring others helped her in the most unusual and beneficial way

Plus so much more….

Learn more about Georgia and her Teen Pain Help Foundation at www.teenpainhelp.org, then join your host, Sharon Sayler, for The Autoimmune Hour on Life Interrupted Radio. Available now at www.understandingautoimmune.com/Teenpain

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