Why You Have Autoimmune and What To Do Instead

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In this provocative interview, Dr. Thomas O’Bryan, author of the bestseller “The Autoimmune Fix” and producer of the docu-series “Betrayal: The Autoimmune Disease Solution They’re Not Telling You” brings his great sense of humor and ‘take-no-prisoners’ down-to-earth approach to why you have autoimmune and what to do instead.

Just a few of the many take-aways you’ll get are:

  • Why what you are probably being told to do now won’t help you heal.
  • How to remove resistance, redirect energy, and let yourself flow towards healing.
  • Why your symptoms were not the first manifestation of your problem, they are one of the last.
  • Why the way we think about healthcare is wrong, and what to do instead.
  • Plus so, so, much more…. This interview is not to be missed! Dr. Tom always has me learning (and laughing)… so, join me to find out among other things why “You can’t make lemonade out of prunes…” and what to do instead.

Dr. Thomas O’Bryan (www.TheDr.com) is considered one of the world’s foremost guides to understanding chronic disease and metabolic disorders including the whole spectrum of autoimmune. Our interview is now available at www.understandingautoimmune.com/DrTom

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