How Far Are You Willing To Go … To Live?

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One minute you are enjoying a sunny day bike ride, the next you are fighting for your life with end-stage liver disease… That’s what happened to our guest, Karen Hoyt.

Karen Hoyt is on a mission to help others Live Longer Stronger. She is a teacher, writer, blogger, yoga instructor, and healthy living coach. Her low sodium diet and recipes have helped her, and thousands of others, thrive with liver disease from fatty liver, hepatitis, alcoholic, primary biliary cholangitis, and liver cancer.

Karen will share how she chose to Live Stronger Longer even while she faced a liver transplant…. We will also discover how
• her love of story and the “hero’s journey’ changed her health outcome,
• she learned to bounce back regardless of what life threw her way,
• journaling, mindfulness, and meditation helps maintain her health,
• and why food is critical to your overall health, plus so much more…

Karen Hoyt, author of The Liver Loving Diet believes food is medicine. She loves learning and sharing how nutrition and lifestyle can help anyone. Her blog is filled with practical tips and down to earth humor as she guides her community with wellness tips, recipes, and menu plans as if she’s your best friend right there at your kitchen table.

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Interview Hightlights
Tonight’s guest started by saying that she thought she was healthy. She was ready to enjoy her retirement years and, overnight, her liver failed and she found herself with liver cancer and liver disease.

0:02:26.5 This is really all about how to become a “thriver” and how diet and lifestyle can change everything.

0:08:57.9 At this point, they talk about journaling and how important it can be in the healing journey. It was through journaling ─ reading her own words ─ that she realized that someone else is having those “dark moments” as well. And that inspired her to start her website ─ to connect with other people who have liver disease and to build a family of support for each other.

0:20:47.0 Karen describes how it is to have hepatic encephalopathy, brain fog, and brain fatigue

0:25:36.3 She shares her diet, the concept of “shop, cook, eat” which she said saved her life.

0:35:33.0 She asked herself the question, “How far am I willing to go to save my own life?” She said, “All kinds of good things come because we kept striving because I was resilient because I got knocked down and I got back up again.”

0:40:37.0 She says it’s important to be the ruler of our thoughts: “It’s okay for the thoughts to fly over your head just like a bird but just don’t them let nest in your hair because, then, they poop all over everything.” In our daydreams, imagine something wonderful, she says.

0:45:25.6 With just a few minutes left, Karen imparts some final thoughts and how the audience can get a hold of her at

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