You Are Not Your Story: Never let your secret stop you

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You can change your story….

This week’s episode of Life Interrupted Radio is about secrets, misplaced shame and coming through it all to live your gifts and bring light into the world. When I first met our guest she had me laughing with the quote; “it takes a lot of energy to be miserable…” it sure does, that’s why I I encourage you to join me, Sharon Sayler, host of Life Interrupted Radio when I interview Dr. Anita Sanchez.

Dr. Sanchez was born into a large family (120 first cousins) and she is proud of her Mexican American and Native American cultures. Today, she bridges her extensive knowledge of indigenous wisdom with modern leadership skills to bring together the hearts and minds of the leaders she works with.

Anita grew up with a life full of secrets, as she shares, “feeling like I was living two lives.” As a young girl, Anita realized that despite growing up surrounded by violence and feeling shame and guilt as only a little child can carry, she knew it was an illusion that it was two lives…it was her life!

Anita’s deepest passion is to share with you how to:
• listen with the “softest part of your ear,”
• guide the words you put to the wind,
• lead with the natural gifts you are given,
AND create a “magical” transformation of the hearts and heads of those around you.

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