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Did you know it's estimated that 1 in 5 people in the U.S. has an autoimmune disorder? That’s about 20 percent of the population.... Living with an autoimmune disease can be difficult when there is no cure… we help you find ways to optimize your health and well-being to live your best life yet!

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A friend of the show... 

"What you're hearing on The Autoimmune Show is exactly who Sharon is. A lot of times, people on the radio or on TV, you meet them and they're completely different. They're eating crap and they don't believe in everything they're doing. So those who have not met Sharon in person, she's the real deal. And she's awesome. It was a pleasure to be on her show."

~ Dr. Partha Nandi, author of the international bestseller Ask Dr. Nandi and host of The Dr. Nandi Show, a global television program reaches 95 million homes in the United States in more than 80 countries worldwide.

A friend of the show... 

"Sharon Sayler gifts all of us struggling with autoimmune issues information and camaraderie in our health journey. In my opinion, The Autoimmune Hour is one of the most riveting podcasts out there in the realm of health. Give it a listen and you won’t be disappointed!"

Dr. Elizabeth Yarnell, an award-winning author, patented inventor, and Director of The Fight MS with Food project.

A friend of the show... 

"The Autoimmune Hour with Sharon Sayler -- this was the most fun podcast that I have ever taken part in. I want to do it all again. Sharon is a delight!"

Indra Singh, Founder of Silent Moon Imaginarium,

A friend of the show... 

"A warm and intelligent voice in radio, you can only go up tuning into Sharon Sayler on The Autoimmune Show.  Laugh, learn and engage. Her woman's heart gets her guests to deliver.  I have never heard a broadcast I did not learn something new and valuable."

Gina Bria of the Hydration Foundation

A friend of the show... 

"Sharon provides a wonderful service not only to her listeners, but to the people she interviews. She challenges us to define our mission, and then help us deliver it in a way that encourages others!  What a great mentor you are!"

Karen Hoyt, Author of the 'Liver Loving Diet Book',

A friend of the show...

"As A Patient Leader Advocate and Awareness Ambassador, I have had many opportunities to be interviewed by a variety of podcast and radio shows. While each experience was wonderful, being a guest on Sharon Sayler's podcast show, The Autoimmune Hour, was my favorite experience. Sharon does a lot of research on her guests to prep for the interview, she makes her guests feel comfortable and is a very personable host. Sharon asks many engaging questions to facilitate conversation and she does a fantastic job transitioning topics, which promotes fluidity of discussion."

Kristal At The Fibromyalgia Pain Chronicles

A friend of the show... 

"Sharon Sayler has created a refreshing and relatable approach to wellness and autoimmune conditions. Her podcast, "The Autoimmune Hour" connects the dots for those looking to take true healing beyond the physical level. It's informative and inspiring, with tools for mind, body and spirit."

Valerie R. Sheppard, Award-Winning, Best-Selling Author of "Living Happy to Be ME!©",

Your Host: Sharon Sayler

Sharon Sayler is a bestselling author, professional speaker, and well-being coach. She is also the host of the #1 wellness show on OMTimes Radio and a favorite YouTube channel called 'The Autoimmune Hour: Inspiring hope and help for those with autoimmune conditions.'

Coming from her own experience dealing with a rare medical condition she created The Autoimmune Hour to support you too, to become an informed, and courageous self-advocate as you turn life transitions into transformations. She has made it her mission to bring together top experts and those thriving with autoimmune to bring you the latest, most up-to-date information about living well with autoimmunity.

We are honored to be the 'Ommies Award Winner of the Category: Radio Personality-Health and Wellness for 2022 and 2023,' and listed as the “#2 Autoimmune Podcast for 2023 You Should Be Listening To" by and "#8 for the 10 Chronic Pain Podcasts To Follow in 2023" by  And, nominated #WEGOHealthAward 'Best in Show' Podcast 2019 and 2020.