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The Autoimmune Hour and offers relevant and smart content to those that love to thrive after the unexpected. As the #1 listened to wellness show of the OMTimes Radio network The Autoimmune Hour reaches a wide audience of listeners each week.

A new show is broadcast each and every Friday at 7pm Eastern and podcasts and videocasts of each show are available for active watching and listening on OMTimes Radio, Spreaker, iTunes, Podbean, YouTube, Stitcher, SoundCloud plus many more....

Videocasts and Podcasts are “evergreen.” They are available 24/7 for the curious to seek out the information they need - we offer hope and help to change surviving to thriving for those with autoimmune; so your message is available 24/7 too! Our audience will be listening to you, too.

The Autoimmune Hour appeals to a wide-range of dedicated fans who are actively looking for solutions…. are you the solution for our listeners?

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