You are not alone.

Join our community of thrivers here to encourage and empower you to live well after you hear the words “you have an autoimmune condition….

Hey ‘Thrivers!’

Each week, we bring you top-notch experts and awesome ‘thrivers’ interviews, chats and positive thoughts to empower you to live well regardless of your diagnosis. Honestly, it’s the info your host, Sharon Sayler wants to hear… because she’s an autoimmune thriver too!

Did you know there are over 100 conditions that people are suffering from every day that compromise their immune systems and if it’s not one of the “big ones” like rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus or Hashimoto’s thyroiditis you might be told ‘it’s all in your head,’ or ‘people your age…’

Your host for The Autoimmune Hour, Sharon Sayler knows the pain and suffering of autoimmune. It was her struggles to find the right answers to her decades-long autoimmune experience that created what friends call an “irrational-passion” to encourage and inspire others to live well, whole and complete…  With that, The Autoimmune Hour was born… the premier location for information to empower you to live well, thrive and create a happy, healthy, wealthy life regardless of your diagnosis.

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Our Mission:
We are a community based on compassion, comfort, confidence, courage and quality information. Our mission is to inspire you through others’ courageous stories and solutions to life’s unexpected diagnosis.

The Autoimmune Hour believes:

  • Everyone has unlimited potential regardless of the current situation;
  • We can reinforce the courage, strength, and confidence in everyone;
  • It’s imperative to always share authentic and transparent points of view.

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 About Your Host:

Your host, Sharon Sayler is also a communications trainer, public speaker, best selling author of several books, certified executive coach and the founder of Competitive Edge Communications who specializes in teaching professionals critical nonverbal and body language skills and how to have those critical “tough” conversations. She teaches how to up-your-impact on the stage, in the boardroom, with clients, customers, team members and even how to deal with difficult people.

And she’s taken those skills, her passion for clear and competent communication, her own experience dealing with a rare medical condition and her frustration with the medical community in understanding what it’s like to have a chronic and complicated medical condition to teach others to become courageous self-advocates so they too can turn life transitions into triumphs and created The Autoimmune Hour: Empowering you to live well with autoimmune.

You can learn more about Sharon at

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