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Simple Steps To Positively Impact Your Healing Experience

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This week’s special guest, Valerie Sheppard, the author of the award-winning, #1 international best-seller ‘Living Happy to Be ME!’ book shares with us fantastic insights, including those she gained during her on-going recovery from a catastrophic-hemorrhagic stroke.

“Okay, what am I being called into in this moment at this space in time?”

SHARON: I’ve seen you do what I call these “step-by-step intentions” and, every time I see you next, it’s always like, “Wow, awesome!”

VALERIE: You’re so right. When I started with “step by step,” it was “Can I hold the pen? Can I get the food on the fork and into my mouth? Can I hold a glass without knocking it over?”

There are still those little incremental wins and it’s those little teeny pieces that add up to the bigger puzzle that adds up to the whole vision of healing.

To your point, Sharon, we do have to let go of getting all the way over there and really just concentrate on, okay, what am I being called into in this moment at this space in time? Is it one step or is it a hundred? And if I can just, in love and acceptance, allow and receive it in gratitude, tolerance, and patience, can I just be where I am and do just that piece in this place and let all the rest of it come in its own time?

SHARON: And that’s what I’ve seen you do. You are a visual demonstration of the power of intentions.

VALERIE: The other thing that’s really helping me is this thing that I’ve spoken of before and I’m intending to speak on it again in a bigger way.

It’s the difference between stagnation ─ which is what it can often look like when you’re on a three-year journey for healing and it doesn’t necessarily feel like it’s all happened yet ─ and this other experience called “gestation.”

In the active gestation, things may look very much like stagnation but that’s not real. And depending on what you’re gestating ─ a big idea like an idea that’s maybe the size of an elephant may take 24 months to gestate; that’s the gestation period of a baby elephant. For a mouse, on the other hand, it’s two weeks.

So depending on the dynamic ─ and we’re talking about healing the brain and reconnecting the brain, the nerves, the muscle structure of my physique, and that’s a big idea. I don’t even know all the ways to do it.

So that may take a gestational period that’s longer than I’m used to thinking of or experiencing or contributing to as a person doing healing of herself.

SHARON: This idea of gestation versus stagnation is awesome. For us who are going through the healing process, it’s a helpful way to look at it so we don’t feel down and maybe even have a way to talk about it with others who say, “Why aren’t you well yet?”

In conventional medicine, the mindset is “Take two aspirins or an antibiotic and, in ten days, you’ll be fine.”

VALERIE: Or you won’t in which case, you just stay that way, right?

In our Western world, I feel like we have a very cut-and-dried dual awareness of everything. You’re either sick or you’re not. You’re either broken or you’re fixed.

I guess, what I’m talking about is having a less dual awareness like the polar opposites of what I am and what I’m not and just focusing in on awareness of what I am and what it is that I’m creating from where I am.

And so, that’s part of it. I think that’s the part that allows me to be not one hundred percent of the time, 24/7/356, but most of the time, in a space of “Everything’s great. It’s all perfect exactly the way it is; and what I’m experiencing as me, being me, doing me at this moment is exactly right for ‘the me’ that I’m being called to be to do what I came here to do.”

And it’s the inextricable link between the mission, vision, purpose of the higher self and the actual experiences of the self-living here in this spiritual-human realm that has to come together.

I think for people to feel at that space of “It’s alright even though I can’t pay the bills right now; it’s alright even though I can’t speak right now; it’s alright even though I’ve been given a diagnosis that gives me three months to live,” that piece has to come together in order for that elevated consciousness to give you an elevated view of what’s in it for you that you are where you are and experiencing what you’re experiencing.

VALERIE: Hallelujah!

SHARON: Hallelujah!

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