Everything You Should Know About Hydration and Didn’t Know to Ask

According to return guest Gina Bria, the majority of the water we drink has lost its electrical charge, yes electoral charge, and as such is not hydrating!

Gina Bria is a cultural anthropologist that has researched ritual, ritual foods, and food strategies for over 25 years and the coauthor of ‘Quench: Beat Fatigue, Drop Weight, and Heal Your Body Through the New Science of Optimum Hydration.’ In this episode, Gina shares we are 99% water molecules, and even with that, most of us walk around at minimal levels of proper hydration. She also shares:

• How water communicates with your cells
• How guzzling eight glasses of water a day can harm your health
• How micro-movements keep your body hydrated.
• What is fascia and why it is critical to your well-being?
And so much more…

Gina Bria is the Founder and Executive Director of the Hydration Foundation and weds ethnographic strategies to the new science on hydration to serve the elderly, school children, athletes and hydrating while traveling. Learn more at www.HydrationFoundation.org

A return guest, Gina Bria’s expertise is hydration. This episode will go deeper into hydration and how we can do it without guzzling eight glasses of water a day.

0:03:16.4 To begin, Sharon asks Gina the difference between real hydration and guzzling filtered water. They go deep into the important concept in hydration that water carries an electrical charge and that water without electrical charge is water that is not fuel for us.

0:08:43.4 Gina shares her research with the desert community where they were using foods to hydrate.

0:19:43.8 At this point, they delve into a lengthy discussion as to what fascia is and how it delivers water into our system and how movement is key in the process.

0:27:39.7 Now, she shares tips or recipes on how to drink the right kind of water by simply adding apple cider or lemon and using chia seeds for optimum hydration.

0:29:16.0 Now, they get into the movements ─ chin to chest, shoulder to ear ─ that we have to consciously do throughout the day to get liquid into our tissue and overcome fatigue.

0:48:48.0 Gina says that her work is to educate us so she created the Hydration Foundation, and her website is hydrationfoundation.org.

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