Creating a Multi-dimensional Approach to Healing with Dr. Nauman Naeem

Join us for a delightful chat with Dr. Nauman Naeem about his passion for improving lives by changing the way we look at and create healing outcomes. As a pulmonary and critical care specialist, caring for tens of thousands of chronically and critically ill patients over his career, he noticed that the majority of patients do not heal and remain trapped in the paradigm of chronic disease.

Motivated to dive deeper into the roots of true healing, he made it his mission to understand human behavior and how we achieve our highest potential. To achieve this, he pursued a thorough study of ancient healing traditions, the psychology of healing, consciousness, and metaphysics which has culminated in his popular book ‘Healing From The Inside Out: Overcome Chronic Disease and Radically Change Your Life.’

In this episode of The Autoimmune Hour, Dr. Naeem shares that there is more to healing than the physical body, plus

  • Ways to take healing to a higher level
  • How unraveling the story around your illness can speed healing
  • That there are no negative emotions and the power of emotion to heal
  • The importance of setting an intention to heal and the role each discipline of medicine
  • And so much more….

Dr. Nauman Naeem serves his medical practice in Ontario, Canada with the goal of bridging conventional medicine with a more holistic multi-dimensional approach to healing.

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Interview Highlights

This episode is about emotions and Dr. Nauman Naeem’s book Healing from the Inside Out: Overcome Chronic Disease and Radically Change Your Life which talks about the role of our mind, emotions, and thoughts in the healing process.

0:03:07.0 When asked how he became interested in this, Dr. Naeem pointed to his childhood experiences where he faced discrimination and racism as immigrants in Canada; and he had to find ways to deal with the emotions he experienced. And when he began practicing as a medical doctor, he began noticing that people were not really getting better, that they were “stuck in the paradigm of chronic disease.” And so, he started asking himself, what is going on here? Why are people so chronically ill? Why are they not getting better?

0:07:44.0 Sharon specifically mentioned a chapter in the book that resonated with her and it’s “Unraveling the Story Around Your Illness,” and Dr. Naeem elaborated on the concept.

0:13:41.8 Another concept they discussed is that of “No such thing as a negative emotion.”They went to explore how pain becomes suffering and that our emotions are meant to be fully felt.
In his book, he uses the hurricane as a metaphor in which after the “huge onslaught” is a moment of calm and peace.

0:20:49.9 With his definition of healing as “becoming whole,” Sharon now asks him to talk about some of the important parts of his nine-part healing process. Dr. Naeem says that it all starts with the intention to which the “powerful why” and “connection” are very crucial aspects to that intention to heal.

0:31:41.8 At this point, Sharon asks Dr. Naeem for some tips for keeping the momentum going during those times when we feel so good that we tend to slip. And Dr. Naeem’s beautiful reply is that it’s about commitment and renewing that commitment. To do so, he strongly encourages keeping a journal.

0:37:02.4 Towards the end of the show, he points out that conventional medicine has a role in our healing but it needs to be integrated into a great context and paradigm to include the other aspects of healing: the mental, the subconscious mind, the emotional, the vibrational, and the spiritual. As his final message, if by reading his book, people find it overwhelming, he encourages people to just take that first step because every journey begins with that single step.


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