What is Homeopathy?

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In this fascinating chat, we look at homeopathy with Ingrid Schutt, Classical Homeopathist. Homeopathy is a natural wellness system based on the belief that the body can heal itself. Those who practice it use tiny amounts of natural substances, like plants and minerals to stimulate wellness and well-being.

Homeopathy was developed in the late 1700s in Germany and is now common in many parts of the world including Europe. Ingrid shares with us a deeper understanding of Homeopathy, wellness, and well-being including:

• Her personal experiences with Homeopathy?
• What is Homeopathy?
• How looking at your timeline as an integrative whole gives clues to the root cause of disturbances and dis-ease
• Ways to help the body find its balance plus more…

About our guest: Ingrid Schutt, Classical Homeopathist based in Montreal, CA since 1998 and online since 2005. She is a member of Global Outreach Doctors International, a humanitarian emergency relief agency and a member in good standing of Association Nationale des Naturothérapeutes. Learn more at www.HOMEOPATHE.ca and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/IngridHomeopathe/

Remember, what works for me may or may not work for you. The information provided on The Autoimmune Hour is for educational and informational purposes only. Always seek sound professional advice on your own. With this interview, my guest and I are sharing others’ research and our own anecdotal experiences including those of and with clients, listeners, and friends. Listen to the intriguing interview and share with others using this link: www.UnderstandingAutoimmune.com/Ingrid.

This episode is something Sharon knows little about. And so, they begin with Ingrid sharing a brief history of homeopathy and then delving into what homeopathy is and how it differs.
She says that homeopathy is a natural form of medicine that means “like cures like, that it is treating with energy. Homeopathy being very complex, Ingrid tries to explain it in as simple a way as possible.
She talks about the remedies and that they have more than four thousand of them that are plant-based, mineral based, or made from animal extracts.

She narrates how the first remedy she experienced when she got stung by a bee made her want to study homeopathy and be an expert at it ─ which she is.

0:17:36.2 At this point, she goes deeper into and says that a basic principle of homeopathy is the causality. The homeopath will ask you questions like “What caused the headache? Is it excessive sun? excessive food? excessive alcohol? Is it anger? Is it fear? Is it a blow on your head? Is it a cold? What caused the headache?” and that depending on the cause, the remedy will be completely different.
She goes even deeper and talks about the causality, the globality of the symptoms, and the individualization as very important basic principles of homeopathy.

0:21:11.9 Here, Sharon talks about their first session together and how Ingrid asked her very in-depth questions that caught her off-guard including her favorite movie and what part in the movie touched her the most.
They go on to talk about divorce and how the trauma is different for every woman.

0:27:57.0 When asked about finding a great homeopath, Ingrid says that one criteria would be a first consultation that lasts, at least, two hours.

0:35:23.8 Again, homeopathy being so complex, Ingrid tried to differentiate between what they call “natural disease” and “artificial disease.”

0:40:05.5 Here, Ingrid shares her “humanitarian heart” and her travels to Haiti and Nepal during the earthquakes that hit those countries and how she worked in the streets and to treat the wounded which made her fall in love with homeopathy even more. In her words, homeopathy “just treats people with so much gentleness with no side effects, no toxicity; it just restores balance.”

As always, they end with some final thoughts and people can find out more about Ingrid.

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