Healing Your Cells. Healing Your Self.

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In this engaging episode, we uncover the ‘secret life’ of our cells with Sondra Barrett, Ph.D., medical scientist, and health educator. She shares the inner workings of our bodies at the cellular level and why healing at that ‘invisible-level’ has enormous impacts. I never thought about healing from the cellular level… until Dr. Barrett radically changed my view. She merges the mystical with the meaning of our molecules including:

  • How to bring the body, mind, and spirit into alignment at the cellular level,
  • How our cells are like perfect string instruments, finely tuned for vibration and how to up-level to healing energy,
  • What happens when specific cells lose their sense self and how to regain wholeness, plus much more.

About Sondra Barrett, Ph.D. Dr. Barrett is a medical scientist and former faculty at the University of California Medical School and California Institute of Integral Studies. She is the author of three books: Wine’s Hidden Beauty, Secrets of Your Cells: Discovering Your Body’s Inner Intelligence and co-authored with Elson Haas MD Ultimate Immunity. She is also an award-winning photographer using the microscope to photograph and share the inner beauty and intelligence of our cells and molecules.

Dr. Sondra teaches online and in-person presentations such as Awakening to your Cellular Intelligence and coaches people with chronic health issues and those wanting to make lifestyle changes. Learn more at www.SondraBarrett.com

Join host Sharon Sayler and Sondra Barrett, a Ph.D. when we share easy to implement cell-health strategies and Dr. Barrett’s inspiring view of wellness. Share this interview with this link: www.understandingAutoimmune.com/Cells

This episode is all about our cell health. Sondra Barrett has been teaching about it for the past 25 years and she finds that people are surprised at the “smartness” of these cells and how we can really engage them for our own healing.

0:06:55.5 Sharon asks, “What we can do at that cellular level to help relieve symptoms of autoimmune?” to which Sondra delves into imagery and guided visualization to get inside our cells and beyond. They go into various ways to support cell health to which Sondra emphasizes the need for stress management.

0:24:13.0 Talking about the secret of your cells and visualization, laughter, and even humming, Sondra now gives other tips that can optimize our understanding of our cells. She says that movement is really key as well as feeding them.

0:39:58.2 At this point, Sharon asks about specific diets or nutrients to help optimize our cell health. They discuss the microbiome and how it affects everything. They talk about, again, lowering stress and the eat-right-for-your-type diet.

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