Where You Are Now Is Not Who You Are with Bev Martin

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Celebrating my 350th episode, Bev Martin the founder of InnerActive, joins in for a fun, free-ranging chat about changing the nature of the way we think and talk about dis-ease and wellness. We explore empathy, intuition, self-talk and creativity to understand ourselves and others at a deeper level during this time of disruption and extreme change.

Bev shares with us her powerful insights and techniques to:

• Amp up our empathy, creativity, and intuition,

• Use powerful questions to change directions when things are not going well,

• Find success through self-talk and deep listening,

plus so much more…

About our Guest: Bev Martin is a natural and trained intuitive, a certified Professional Coach (PCC) Member of ICF international Coaches, Master Practitioner of NLP, (MNLP) and NLP and Health (HNLP) Certified Facilitator of Clean Language and Symbolic Modeling, Certified Hypnotherapist. Learn more about Bev and her amazing work at www.BevMartin.com

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[2:05] This being the show’s 350th episode, Sharon invited Bev to celebrate with her since she had Bev on in her 300th episode as well. As an opening question, Bev asked Sharon what she is most proud of thinking about those show? “Changing lives and inspiring people through the guests that she brings in make it all worth it,” was Sharon’s reply.

[6:18] Bev talks about the need for more respect and understanding as well as kindness to people going through chronic issues that may be invisible at times.

[9:10] At this point, Sharon said that the subject of anxiety is something that she wants to talk about ─ all sorts of anxiety especially in this time of the pandemic and even what she calls “PC” or pre-COVID.
They had a lengthy discussion on how to cope with anxiety. Sharon mentioned breathing and Bev talked about focusing on the moment you’re in and the power of self-talk among others.
Bev shared her root canal experience and how she coped with this anxiety-provoking situation by visualization and reframing.

[15:24] They are both in agreement that we are living in a state of low-grade anxiety.. And so, Sharon asked Bev for some tips to deal with it. And, again, Bev mentioned putting our attention on what we would like to have happened rather than something threatening, focusing on outcome rather than dread.
She went on to say that gratitude practices help us in those moments.

[19:54] Bev suggested “interviewing anxiety” which is simply listening to yourself at a deeper level, and she went on to describe the process.

[22:09] At this point, Sharon asked Bev what intuition is. She said that Bev is an expert in helping us understand our intuition. It is, according to Bev, an “inner tutor and a teacher inside of you helping you to pay attention to what matters most and helping you to connect with the things in your life that will bring you the most joy or help you to be more who you are,” which we should connect to.

[29:13] Bev pointed out again that it is important to have a vision for what we would like to have happened ─ what feels like fun for us ─ and having a plan around it but being flexible about it.

[32:41] Now, the topic shifts to grief. Sharon asked Bev how to move through these stages of grief in a very safe and loving way to which Bev replied that though she is not an expert on grief, being a human being, she feels it, too, like everyone else. She talks about anticipatory grief as well as anger as actually grief that wants to be let out.

[35:49] With just a few minutes left, Sharon mentioned Bev’s upcoming classes on intuition and asked her this question: What would we learn in an intuition class?

[40:19] This is the part where Bev tells the audience how to find her and for her parting words, Bev thanked Sharon for what she the gifts she brings to the world. She also reminded everyone that we are all “gifted to give” as well. It’s about giving our gifts.

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