From a Life Shattered to Warrior Sage

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I’ve been a fan of Dan Millman, author of ‘Way of the Peaceful Warrior’ plus sixteen other books for decades. Recently, I had the opportunity to experience Dan’s ‘Peaceful Warrior Way’ in a live-workshop and knew I had to bring his wisdom to you.

Dan was 20 years old, and a world-class gymnast, when he shattered his right leg in a motorcycle accident. His healing became a spiritual awakening as he transformed from an ego-driven, Olympic-caliber athlete into a ‘peaceful warrior.’

Dan’s work continues to evolve, to meet the needs of a changing world, and his teachings have now found form as the ‘Peaceful Warrior’s Way.’

In this episode, Dan shares with us why your thoughts and feelings are not reality plus

• Six essential words to keep top of mind,
• Three ways to optimize your potential,
• The real purpose of meditation
and so much more…

More about Dan Millman: Dan is a former world champion athlete, university coach, and college professor. His books offer inspiring reminders about life’s bigger picture and higher potential. Dan prefers practical outcomes to abstract philosophy. He affirms that his purpose is to teach, share, and remind people of what they already know (and might have forgotten.)

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Sharon opens the show by saying that Dan Millman’s first book, Way of the Peaceful Warrior, changed her life. And she also recently had the opportunity to attend one of Dan’s workshops which she enjoyed immensely.
She then asks Dan as to what started him on the spiritual path of the peaceful heart/warrior spirit approach to living that he calls the “Peaceful Warrior’s Way.”

0:05:43.0 Dan shares the concept of taking action, that all the learning doesn’t really matter if you don’t take action; that we have more control over what we do than we do over what thoughts and feelings; that the focus of the peaceful warrior’s way is about action rather than our thoughts and feelings.

0:10:42.7 They talk about break-the-board opportunity they had in the workshop with the board representing self-doubt and our insecurities and that we have to break through the board to reach our goals.
0:16:55.4 Dan talks about one of the founding principles of the “peaceful warrior’s way” approach and that is that life is an experiment and we have to find out what works best for us.
He quotes the Buddhists saying that a comparison is a form of suffering and that we tend to compare ourselves to other people and even to our younger selves.

0:23:51.5 Here, he explains the law of expectation which is one of the laws in his books and that he has come to realize that rather than have high expectations or low expectations, it’s making a good effort and striving for excellence and just saying, “Well, let’s see what happens.”

0:27:20.2 Dan shares three things he recommends to people: staying active, finding a balanced diet, and having enough rest.

0:30:07.5 Talking about shadows, he says that the shadow is a part of us that we’ve disowned and that shadow work is about seeing ourselves realistically ─ our whole self ─ and not just our self-image which helps us to become whole and authentic.
They segued to the topic of stress and how it’s a part of life that comes and goes and something that we can’t control. However, he shares the idea of “here and now, breathe and relax” which is something we can do to control our tension to manage the stress.

. They talked about numerology, something they did in the workshop which Sharon thought was a lot of fun.
His final thoughts are about avoiding comparison, having self-trust, and appreciating the things we easily take for granted: the ability to see, to hear, to smell, to touch, to taste, etcetera.

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