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Understanding Our Deeper-Level Messages for Healing

Our guest, Miriam Dow came to that point in her life where force her way through the pain was not an option anymore. Diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Lyme disease, Miriam’s moment of reckoning came when she realized she’d lost her will to live…. Then she asked herself this not-so-simple question: “What do I do today to help my body come back into balance?” She began to discover how to listen to her body, and in this intriguing interview she will share what happens when the body gets hyper-vigilant and how to:

  • Use sway testing to bring intuition into consciousness
  • Work with your physical and emotional pain points
  • Observe with curiosity and not judgment
  • Allow the body to release the panic, plus more….

Not paying attention to what the messages you are receiving keeps your body out of balance. It’s a process to bring the body back in balance that Miriam Dow, B.A., C.H., R.M., C.E.I.T, will share. She works with people who have autoimmune challenges to help them discover the underlying causes of their discomfort and give gentle guidance for feeling better. Miriam does not diagnose or treat disease. As a body-speak interpreter, she communicates the body’s messages, so her clients can make informed choices on their next steps. Learn more at and listen to this fascinating chat then share using this link!

Complete Video Interview

A thriver from chronic fatigue and Lyme disease, Miriam shares how important it is to understand the body’s messages in the healing process. What is our body really trying to tell us?

She begins by talking about her story with regard to having both chronic fatigue and Lyme disease which didn’t happen at the same time.

She’s had chronic fatigue since she was about sixteen years old but, as a fighter, she was just pushing and forcing herself until the moment of reckoning ─ from “I know I have chronic fatigue and I’m forcing myself to function” to “Oh God, what do I do now?”

0:07:01.0 After going through different modalities, she shares how she found out which one actually works for her, when she became aware of her desire for energy healing ─ the mind, body, spirit connection ─ and the realization that an important part of healing is being able to communicate with the body.

She describes how sway testing can help people understand the messages their body is sending and how tuning in actually begins with the breath.

0:35:49.7 At this point, Miriam points out that having an autoimmune disease ─ like Lyme ─ is like untangling a skein of yarn with a beginning and end and it always comes back to “What do I do today to help my body come back into balance?”

0:39:59.0 With just a few minutes left, Miriam tells everybody how to get a hold of her and, as a final tip, she talks about the Hawaiian concept of Hoʻoponopono which is an amazing way to get back into good relationship with your body for the healing process to occur.

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