How Improving Your Sleep Habits Can Improve Your Health with Sleepably’s Sleep Coach Seth Davis

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We uncover (pun intended) simple tips and easy hacks to improve our sleep with this week’s guest, Seth Davis, a Certified Adult Sleep Coach and the founder of Sleepably.

Sleepably is a Denver-based team of sleep coaches who help adults and children sleep better. After chatting with Seth, I was surprised to hear how extensively disrupted sleep, even moderately interrupted sleep, can affect our health. Seth shares with us how getting enough sleep and maintaining a consistent sleep schedule can improve our mood, boost our immune system, and even help with weight loss. He also shares:

• How to create a sleep sanctuary, a relaxing sleep environment,
• The new way(s) to have a sleep study and what sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome are,
• Why we need sunlight every morning and what to do if you have shift work,
• How poor sleep habits can increase the risk of autoimmune issues, depression, anxiety, heart disease, and more…

More About Our Guest
Seth Davis, a recovered insomniac, Certified Adult Sleep Coach, and the founder of Sleepably, a company dedicated to their client’s best sleep. Seth and his team of certified coaches work with adults and children worldwide to explore how their clients’ behaviors, thoughts, and lifestyles potentially affect their sleep. Through personalized plans for optimizing their rest and overcoming their sleep issues, they help clients get the rest every body needs. Learn more at
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