Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) and Other Medical Mysteries

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Are you tired of being told it’s all in your head, or your tests all come back normal, and you still feel like cr*p…? Maybe you are having symptoms like food or environmental sensitivities, unresolved aches, pain, and fatigue… or skin rashes, nerve problems, racing heart, headaches, or feeling like every part of you is on overload?

We welcome back Dr. Anne Hill, ND., to answer questions about the rise of MCAS and other tough-to-diagnosis conditions. She specializes in functional medicine and other medical modalities to uncover ‘mystery’ chronic illnesses. On average, people come to her after seeing ten or more physicians, have multiple diagnoses (or NO working diagnosis), and are still sick with no answers.

She’s found that many of her patients with chronic conditions also have MCAS. That’s why we invited Dr. Anne Hill back to answer our questions like —

• What is a mast cell, and what ‘activates’ it,
• How to know if it’s MCAS or something else,
• What type of doctor is best to treat you,
• How environmental factors, like mold and food sensitivities, create ill health,
• Plus much more…

More About Our Guest:
Dr. Anne Hill, ND, shares her 20-plus years of research and experience in treating chronic infectious diseases such as chronic viral, tick-borne diseases, and environmental illnesses such as mycotoxins and mold exposure. She also sees patients with autoimmune disorders, Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder, EDS, Dysautonomia, and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome.

She’s known for ‘cracking the code’ of hard-to-diagnose mystery conditions and is widely versed in healing modalities, including as an herbalist and craniosacral therapist since 1994. She has been an Oregon-licensed naturopathic physician since 2003 and has trained in the traditional eastern Indian medicine, Ayurveda, which she incorporates into patient care. Learn more at and on Facebook @wisdomwaymedicine.

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This show is not intended to diagnose, prevent, or treat autoimmune diseases or other illnesses. The information presented in this interview cannot substitute for the advice of your physician or other trained medical, healthcare, or other professionals. The information provided on, Life Interrupted, and The Autoimmune Hour are for educational purposes only.

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