Partner, Patient, Caregiver: to Love, to Honor, and to Negotiate in Sickness and in Health

Listen to “Partner, Patient, Caregiver: to Love, to Honor, and to Negotiate in Sickness and in Health” on Spreaker.

Relationships — spouse, partner, and even friendships — are hard enough even in the best times. Add in a chronic or long-term condition, where one becomes a caregiver, and you add a new, unexpected dimension of roles. And one that often comes with little to no training!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Sharon Sayler chats with Michael Grinder. Michael, a master of communication, shares with Sharon from his long-running Couples Workshop ‘To Love, To Honor, and To Negotiate.’

After 21 years of presenting his Couples Workshop, Michael has a multitude of insights and ways to make sure the inevitable changes are mutual and fair and create a safe space for both parties including
• Creating daily support interactions to improve psychological well-being
• Ways to make sure the diagnosis doesn’t define roles
• How to have the hard conversations and set boundaries
• Tips to protect against emotional and physical stressors
Plus much more…

About our Guest: Michael Grinder He is called “the father of nonverbal communication” by his clients and is the author of 14 books. He has over 40 years of experience training thousands of groups. Known as the pioneer of nonverbal communication, Michael helps executives, professionals, and educators assess people more accurately, connect more deeply, and build their charisma. Learn more at

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About Your Host, Sharon Sayler

Your host, Sharon Sayler is a certified executive and wellness coach, communications trainer, public speaker, best selling author, and the founder of Competitive Edge Communications who specializes in teaching professionals critical nonverbal and body language skills including how to have those critical “tough” conversations. She teaches how to up-your-impact on the stage, in the boardroom, with clients, customers, team members and even how to deal with difficult people.

Now, she's taken those skills, her passion for clear and competent communication, her own experience dealing with a rare medical condition and her frustration with the medical community in understanding what it is like to have a chronic and complicated medical condition to teach others to become courageous self-advocates so they too can turn life transitions into triumphs. One way she spreads the word is through the podcast and videocast called The Autoimmune Show: Inspiring hope and help for those with autoimmune.

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