Are Your Reactions Really Red Flags?

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Are you feeling blocked or held back somehow? Are you struggling with your body having weird reactions out of the blue? Well, don’t wave the white flag yet… for in this episode, we welcome the author of the new book ‘Relatefully: How to gain great relationships from the inside out. Relationship Renovator Sheila Unique joins us to share from her personal experience and years dedicated to helping tens of thousands of people resolve the unrest they feel inside and establish a strong relationship with the most important person in their lives—themselves. Just a few of the many things Sheila shares with us are:

• How to work with reactions and thoughts that no longer serve you,

• How to create harmony between your’ different bodies,

• The questions you should consider when you want to change,

• The mental, emotional, and spiritual mind games that can keep us stuck 
plus so much more….

More about our guest: Author Sheila Unique journeyed from being identical to truly being Unique. Born an identical twin, she related to herself as a twin. She learned when she wanted something; it had to be good for both of them. It was ‘normal’ for her always to be looking outside of herself for what would make them, as twins, happy and successful. Today, Sheila is genuinely unique and known as the Relationship Renovator. Sheila’s incredible insights bring relief quickly and easily without a long struggle. She helps people build authentic relationships from the inside out. Learn more about this #1 International Best-Selling Author, Award-Winning Speaker, and Educator at

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About Your Host, Sharon Sayler

Your host, Sharon Sayler is a certified executive and wellness coach, communications trainer, public speaker, best selling author, and the founder of Competitive Edge Communications who specializes in teaching professionals critical nonverbal and body language skills including how to have those critical “tough” conversations. She teaches how to up-your-impact on the stage, in the boardroom, with clients, customers, team members and even how to deal with difficult people.

Now, she's taken those skills, her passion for clear and competent communication, her own experience dealing with a rare medical condition and her frustration with the medical community in understanding what it is like to have a chronic and complicated medical condition to teach others to become courageous self-advocates so they too can turn life transitions into triumphs. One way she spreads the word is through the podcast and videocast called The Autoimmune Show: Inspiring hope and help for those with autoimmune.

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