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Is Your Story Holding You Back?

Life Interrupted Radio welcomes Michael Rubin, the founder of Marketing Anvil. Michael AM Rubin grew up as he says “being too skinny, too tall, the wrong color…”. Well, any number of other reasons someone could think to bully him. Through all of that, he grew up happy being himself and he saw value in his beliefs. Michael will share with us:

• How to be happy in and with your self

• How to unravel your beliefs and rewrite your story

• How to create your new story that opens you up to happiness and wholeness.

• How to release being stuck believing others people’s stories most that start with; “You’re too….”

Join Sharon Sayler, your host for Life Interrupted Radio to learn to banish those places where you story is holding you back. Available now at



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About Your Host, Sharon Sayler

Your host, Sharon Sayler is a certified executive and wellness coach, communications trainer, public speaker, best selling author, and the founder of Competitive Edge Communications who specializes in teaching professionals critical nonverbal and body language skills including how to have those critical “tough” conversations. She teaches how to up-your-impact on the stage, in the boardroom, with clients, customers, team members and even how to deal with difficult people.

Now, she's taken those skills, her passion for clear and competent communication, her own experience dealing with a rare medical condition and her frustration with the medical community in understanding what it is like to have a chronic and complicated medical condition to teach others to become courageous self-advocates so they too can turn life transitions into triumphs. One way she spreads the word is through the podcast and videocast called The Autoimmune Show: Inspiring hope and help for those with autoimmune.

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