How To Recover From a Type A Lifestyle and Bounce Back From Adrenal Fatigue

Does everything that use to be easy, now feel hard? Do you wish that the energy you use to have, you could find again? Are you on the go-go track commonly called “Type A,” yet now are fatigued, slowing down, and you just know something isn’t right…?

Well, our guest for this episode of The Autoimmune Hour, Tina Thrussell, co-founder of the Shin Dao Institute has an amazing story of surviving to thriving for us. Several years ago, she drove herself into exhaustion and full-blown adrenal fatigue. Her long road to a joyful recovery encompassed a holistic overhaul of every aspect of her life… and she is here today to share her journey and offer suggestions to help you find peace, wellness, and a sense of balance in your life. Tina with share simple ways to make you the first priority and why that’s so important and:

• What is adrenal fatigue?
• What is the fingernail and tummy test that you must know?
• What do hormones have to do with it?
• What is ‘earthing” and why should I do it?
• Why she couldn’t get out of bed for over 3 months and how she changed that…
Plus so many other tips for recovery and fulfillment!

Tina Thrussel offers people around the world uplifting inspiration and sacred space for personal transformation as a speaker and facilitator of seminars, workshops, retreats, and healing sessions. She is also a Nia Teacher; Writer/Editor; Mindfulness Trainer; a Personal Coach; a Quest Master; a Master Hugger and Lover of Life! Learn more about Tina at

And be sure and join us to be part of her positive energy and contagious enthusiasm that has earned her the reputation as ‘The Feel Good Lady,’ Share to have your friends listen too — we’ll get a great big dose of feeling good.

Full Interview

After introducing Tina Thrussell and acknowledging that they are both “recovering” type A personalities, Sharon asks Tina to relate her story and to tell us what adrenal fatigue is all about.

0:03:56.5  Tina considers the book Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century The 21st Century Stress Syndrome written by Dr. James Wilson as a godsend in her journey and she shares some of the simple recommendations that are in the book like paying attention to our thinking patterns, starting the day with Himalayan salt water, and breathing.

0:15:49.7  They continue to talk about other tools that the book recommends that has helped Tina with her adrenal fatigue. An effective one which a lot of people will not like, says Tina, is to eliminate white food from the diet; another is to be in bed by 10 p.m. and stay in bed till 9 a.m. our body is actually building cortisol until 9 a.m. It’s also to just lie down horizontally for ten to thirty minutes which is really important when you’re suffering from low energy levels.

0:19:22.5  Tina relates the story of Warren Grossman, the author of To Be Healed by the Earth and the process of earthing, the skin-to-earth contact that most of us no longer experience.

0:27:22.4  After the break, elaborated on reducing or eliminating toxic factors in your life ─ toxic foods, pesticides, things like lotions ─ including toxic people as a way to support the body.

They talked about the importance of licorice roots in nourishing and replenishing  the adrenal system.

0:30:06.7 Tina stresses that what really drains the adrenals is the thinking brain constantly going “go, go, go, got to get done, got to achieve more, push, push, push.” Eliminating some toxins from our life can really help support our health, help support our adrenal system

0:36:36.6  At this point, Tina shares the concept behind the NIA dance-based movement and how it has helped in her recovery.

Finally, she tells us more about the Shin Dao Institute and how to get in touch with her.

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