You Are Not Your Story: Never let your secret stop you

You can change your story…. This week’s episode of Life Interrupted Radio is about secrets, misplaced shame and coming through it all to live your gifts and bring light into the world. When I first met our guest she had me laughing with the quote; “it takes a lot of energy to be miserable…” it […]

What happens when a triple “whammy” hits your life!   

What would you do if, in short-order, you had to experience:

• both of your parents passing away within a year of each other,
• the loss of a million dollars
• and then your health spirals into battling depression?

Life Interruption Radio’s guest this episode is Deb Scott, BA, CPC. Deb is the Best-Selling & Award Winning Author of The Sky is Green and the Grass is Blue and Social Media for the Rest of Us. In this thought-provoking episode, Deb calls these events “Wake Up Calls;” join your host Sharon Sayler as she and Deb explore what to do with “wake up calls” and how to bounce back no matter what is happening in your world.